Practice Areas

Charitable Entities

Charities, Nonprofits, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Voluntary Organizations, Civil Society Organizations

Civil And Commercial Litigation

Legal processes where criminal charges and penalties are not an issue

Construction Law

Building Construction and Engineering Matters

Corporate And Business Law

Governance, Finance and Power of Corporations

Criminal Defense

Defense of Individuals and Companies Charged with Criminal Activity

Estate Planning, Probate, And Trust

Will, Trusts, Beneficiary Designations, Powers of Appointment, Gift, and Powers of Attorney

Marital And Family Law

Adoption, Divorce, and Child Custody

Mergers And Aquisitions

Drafting, Negotiation, and Performance of Contracts for the Sale of Portions of a Business

Personal Injury

Wrongful Conduct and Negligence

Real Estate

Owning and Using Land

Taxation Law

Charges on Estates, Transactions, Property, Income, Licenses, and More

Labor Relations And Management Law

Workers, Employing Entities, Trade Unions, and the Government